Faith: A conviction of the ‘already happened’

So for the last time, I have to get this off my chest! I just have to. I know, right! When Mummy and Daddy and every other person sees this, they’d be like, “Chai! This her story again!!”. But then, I know what I’m saying.
It goes thus:-
I was sick and normally, when we were small, every sick person had the privilege of sleeping in mummy’s room. And daddy traveled, so….greater privilege. Mom and I went to bed, while Chibuokem and Chioma had to wash up.
After a while, I woke up and couldn’t sleep back. So I got up from the bed, left the room and went to the kitchen to keep the ‘washers’ company. We were all talking while a heavy rain was falling. At the time Chioma was rinsing a Stainless food dish, a mighty thundersome lightening struck, and the Stainless dish happened to shock Chioma.
At the same time the Stainless dish shocked her, something flashed through the window. It was ballish, shape of the moon. It was light itself, shining, and had small small lightening coming out of the ball. We were all scared cos we didn’t know what this ‘thing’ was and it had a face and could move about.
Instincts or reflex? Whatever! We started running, managed to leave the kitchen. It followed us to the parlor and went to the front of the passage door. Chibuokem jumped over it, Chioma did same, remaining me. I’ve never been so scared. We both started doing, “to the left, to the right” till I jumped over it too. It followed me into the passage and I fled with fear to mummy’s room, I locked the door. I climbed the bed still shivering, then I started trying to wake mummy up to tell her my experience. All efforts went null because she kept sleeping back. I slept too.
We woke the next day looking for the key to mummy’s room. Thank God for spare key. So I narrated the whole story and nobody believed, even the ‘washers’. So sad!😢
There had to be a clue!
I remembered locking the door, so I went into mummy’s room, straight to the side I slept. I found the key.
“You see? I locked the door”
Nullified! They cooked up something they felt made me lock the door.
Up till today, I still believe it happened. I don’t care what people say, but I believe everything, cos I saw it happen. I ‘knew’ it happened.
This is how deep faith is!
Many of us are fond of making faith a “will happen” affair.
“Let’s hope and see”
No! Faith is the evidence of the ‘already happened’.
Lemme explain it this way;
Faith is very powerful! It is power itself. It’s the basis of everything in existence. Belief!
“…….and whosoever ‘believes’ in me….”
Things happen in the Spiritual before they happen in the physical. Having faith is speaking something into existence. Now, as you’ve spoken, it has already happened in the spiritual, which only you can see. People in the physical can’t see this cos they’re “people of the physical”.
Why do you think the devil causes havoc before a major breakthrough? It has already happened in the spiritual and he doesn’t want it to manifest in the physical.
Faith speaks things to existence. That’s why when you begin to doubt, it doesn’t happen again because it’s like saying, “never mind”. It’s like going back on your words. But I think ignorance is the main problem of believers. When we have faith, we see it as something ‘that will soon happen’ instead of something that has already happened. That’s why Heb 11:1 says “evidence”, “assurance”, “conviction”. You can’t have evidences of the future because it might eventually turn the other way round, but you can have evidences of something that has already happened. You know it has happened. That’s why I still believe everything that happened that night, because I was so convinced it happened. 1st Timothy 1 verse 19 tells us to hold our faith. Now tell me, can you hold on to something that isn’t, something that’s naught? No! Faith is the already happened.
Do you know why you feel you have faith and it doesn’t come to pass? Because we ‘mishave’ faith. We speak the words, it happens in the spiritual, but we don’t act, we don’t know. We’re busy waiting for the ‘future’. We’re insensitive in the Spirit that we forget to wrestle against the principalities that will come to destroy the ‘already happened’. So we don’t know. We blame God.
“Maybe it wasn’t meant to be sha”
On a final note….
One scripture I love that at the same threw me into confusion…
[Ephesians 3:20]… Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us…
“according to His power at work in us” got me confused. I checked dictionary. “According to” means “depending on”. The extent to which great things would manifest in our lives depends on the power of God at work in us, the Christ that lives in us and how much we allow Him to actually ‘work’ without spoiling it with ‘our understanding’, I’ll rather say ‘our ignorance’.
What do you understand by faith?
Are you having faith the right way?
Are you letting Christ to work through you or letting your ignorance make you miss the great and unimaginable blessings?
Think about these things
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