A friend with a throne

The car was stilly with only hushed sounds from the engine as Madam Kofi drove home. All she could say was “hmm”, only that her lips never parted. There were so many questions, so many that she was scared to ask. Each time she took the courage to ask, her mind reminded her of the comfort the tranquility brought. Her lips still never parted. Tears were building up inside her, but she had to stay strong. She made a mental note to talk to her husband when she got home, they’d pray together. She nodded, again in agreement with the quietness. Looking at Anita felt like she was gyming again, but then, there had to be a kickoff. Anita was facing the window, eyes closed. God! She looked pale, but what else should she look like? Fresh? Oh yes! Fresh from…..
Anita shifted in her seat and Madam Kofi quickly faced the road. She couldn’t catch her staring at her. She looked at Anita from her side eye, Anita’s eyes were still closed.
“Anita….. Anita”. Only the wind could hear her. I mean, the wind heareths its voice and knows it.
“Anita”. She whispered louder and it seemed like Anita became a wind too.
Anita opened her eyes sluggishly and looked her sister’s direction.
“It’s okay. O? You have to be strong for the rest of us”.
The long drive finally ended as they packed in front of the house. Anita breathed loudly, she didn’t wish, but wanted the ground to open. Abi God has given us power to command things to happen? She wanted to command the ground to open. She felt Madam Kofi’s eyes on her, as if to say, “Anita, time to face reality. Well…..
The sitting room was crowded with happiness, ‘naivity’ so raw. Anita wished it was the other way round. Then suddenly, their faces started changing. “Anita, where’s the baby?” “Is it a boy a girl?” But before Anita could speak up, Madam Kofi’s mouth was already open
“The baby is with Brother”
“He’s with Brother oo. Anita just came back from the hospital, she needs to rest”. Madam Kofi drew Anita into the room.
“Brother ke?” The caring mothers seemed to be confused.
Anita wished she could rest, she needed total blackout. She was tired of the ‘Eeya’, ‘It is well’, ‘Whatever God gives, he takes’, ‘All things works together for the good of those who love him’, ‘Hold on’. When Madam Kofi finally locked the room door, the tears came, burst out like an ever running fountain. Madam Kofi came by her side and started saying some languages she didn’t want to understand. When she couldn’t take the gibberish anymore, she unleashed the anger.
“You understand? You mean you understand how I feel?”. “Gloria, you are married with four children, four! You and I know how long I’ve waited for this child. And then, the child comes and is with who? Bro who?”. She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. “You don’t know a bit of what it means to loose a child you carried, nurtured and sacrificed for for nine months, nine good months!” She sniffed.
There was a knock on the door, with a familiar voice.
It was Mama. Madam Kofi went to open the door and Anita heard her whispering something to Mama about her having tried her best. Mama nodded, and Gloria left the room.
Mama sat by Anita’s side and started speaking some languages too, the ones she understood though. Mama had lost their first brother, she told them some years back. She repeated the story. Chibuzor, was that his name? She said something about the gossips and the questions people decided to answer themselves.
“I won’t lie to you, you’d have to face the stigma this incidence has brought, but my dear, it will only last for a while. And I’ll be here to go through this with you.” She rubbed Anita’s backside.
“Nkem, you need some rest, call me when you need anything, Ok?”
Anita nodded slowly.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
[Hebrews 4:15-16] This High Priest of ours understands our weaknesses, for he faced all of the same testings we do, yet he did not sin. So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most.(NLT).
When you face troubles one way or the other, who do you turn to? Do you ever talk to God? He understands everything you go through because He faced them, just like Mama could understand how Anita felt because she had experienced same in the past.
No one can ever understand you better than Jesus would.
Mama dropped a reminder, “call me”. It now depends on Anita to use that helpline. Jesus is always and forever there for us. How many of us are willing and ready to use that helpline, to come boldly to the throne of our gracious God? The kind of peace attached to talking to God is ehn!, an ever refreshing peace. So before you start thinking of running to Emeka or Bola or Grace, have you tried Jesus? Before you start complaining about how Tobi or Amaka or Nike isn’t understanding you, have you tried Jesus? His peace is understanding and contagious, it will even bring understanding to that person that wouldn’t understand. I dare you to speak to Jesus, lean on Him.
Come boldly to the throne of Grace!
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