I’m IyunOluwa (You can call me Chisom too).

I am a mixed-tribe lady from Anambra and Ekiti, Nigeria.

This blog is a platform where I get to “say what’s on mind”.

The name, “The Introvert Talks” is simply because I’m an introvert who loves to talk (mostly express myself in ways not limited to talking). This blog means a lot to me because it’s the place where I get to talk a lot.

I love sharing things that inspire my readers, make people feel good, or just make them think. I write on different subjects, as long as it relates to my life or that of people around me.

I am of the opinion that every individual has a share of something to give back to life. No matter the many flaws, no one is inadequate.

I’m a young lady with flaws, but this is my own way of giving back to life; sharing my ideas, thoughts, burdens and mechanisms with everyone, with the hopes that it will bless and make a difference in my readers’ life.

So, the blog is all yours to read (winks). You can take your time to read the posts, digest them and also share your own opinions in the comment section.

Much love❤️

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