All I have left is hope

Independence day used to be a day of celebration.
Now, it’s just a day of questions, anger and criticisms. A lot of Nigerians decided to trend #FoolAt60 on Twitter some days ago. It’s really sad to think about it. Whether we want to accept it or not; Nigeria is sinking. On this day last year, I wrote an article, expressing my anger towards this nation. A family down the street had just lost everything due to a fire outbreak that started from an electric pole and wasn’t attended to.

A whole year has passed and things are worse; food is more expensive, fuel price is up, the cost of living is higher and there’s still no solution. People’s only hope now is “leaving this country”. Sad! Our leaders have turned service into “survival of the fittest”, instead of actually serving the people.

I look past all these and all I have to cling on to is “Hope”. No plans, no promises; just hope. And this is what is in the heart of several Nigerians across the country. People are praying and fasting; hoping and intently believing that things would be better in Nigeria. Some months ago, I decided to hop into the train of hope because that’s what I have left; a rejuvenated hope. Frustrations, complaints and anger would not solve any problem. I’ve decided to keep an “Independence day archive” of all the articles I write on this day, every year, with the hope that things will get better.

I’m going to end this with encouraging us. Change starts with us. Let us pick ourselves up and begin to shine the light inside of us. Let us begin to do the right thing. Let us remove the “Everyone is doing it” mentality. Let us put an end to the “people corruption” eating deep into our integrity, relationships and conscience.

Is this too much a task to carry out?

I’m not here to tell you that Nigeria will be better, I’m just here to tell you to cling on to the tiniest hope inside of you.

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