An urgent need to japa

On today’s post, I’ll be talking about how I’ve been intently thinking about ways to leave the country—my plan B. It is really obvious that the country is not getting any safer nor better. I saw a very funny word that I think I’ll adapt for now —Japasexual. For now, I’m attracted to anything related to ‘japaing‘. I feel this urgent need to japa.

Guys, I know we’ve all been joking about finding an escape route, but I’m here to tell you that I’m now serious o, so I wouldn’t be like that friend that would secretly read during exams and still claim she hasn’t read. Everything in the country is really crazy and I don’t know if we still think we should be laughing about it. Also, I feel people are secretly making underground plans to leave the country too. Everyday, someone is “goodbyeing” Nigeria on Twitter😂.

Anyway, I’m just using this post to connect with my fellow japasexual people😂. Guys, what’s the plan B? Let’s begin to get serious and seize any opportunity we get. Don’t worry, we can continue to rant about Nigeria and be patriotic from outside. I hear it’s sweeter that way.

If you think I’m afraid, you’re very right. Sometimes, I catch myself in my fear, which is actually valid based on the way the government officials have left everything to ‘vibes’ (especially with the issue of security). But also, I don’t let fear get the best of me. Infact, I’ve been praying for God’s leading. If He says I should stay, I’d actually stay.

Personally, I keep praying that things would change, because that’s the only thing I can do for now. I can’t physically do anything for now. Even our voices are getting lost in the wind. In all these, I really believe God will come through for us.

What do you think about people that want to or feel the need to japa (like me😂)? Also, do you think this whole japa talk is realistic?

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10 thoughts on “An urgent need to japa”

  1. Toluwanimi Opayinka

    Things aren’t getting any better but rather worse and until we admit we have a problem, we won’t look for solution.

  2. Oseefua Esele

    Omoo me I’m going. And I’m not even calling it japaing. I’m calling it refusing to retrogress.

  3. Chidiebere Ukah

    It is very realistic oh…the things that our country is currently facing is more than enough to make someone desire to leave abi “Japa”😅😅 but we trust that God’s leading and blessing is all that is needed to stay without being affected in this space

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