Are you really dead?

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– December 11, 2017


There’s been something going around social media for a while about some people that are dead but not really dead. Funny! I can’t fathom. But even as funny as it sounds, some people have come to say it’s true, these things are happening.

A particular lady said she was dating a guy and this guy just suddenly got missing. She started calling around and finally called his parents. They thought she was mad because this guy had died ten years ago.

Another lady said her uncle had died since 2005. Sometime this year, her dad’s friend came visiting and joined them for dinner. As they were all discussing, this friend mentioned something about seeing her uncle. They were all confused and the man said he met the uncle on the way to the house and the uncle said he would soon be joining them at the house. Everyone was frightened and her father told his friend that his brother had died since 2005, his friend was completely shocked.

The whole thing is scary right? Like, you don’t even know who is who, who is dead or alive. What if your neighbour has died before and is trying to live a normal life in a place he doesn’t even belong to, and you have no idea.

Or wait! What if it’s you? You’ve died before but you’re struggling to blend and live in a place you don’t even belong to? And you have no idea.

Dear Christian,

You claim to be dead to flesh but your lifestyle is still patterned to the flesh. Are you really dead? You let your sinful desires control you. Are you really dead? You compromise at every little thing. Are you really dead?

[1 Peter 2:11] Dear friends, you are strangers and foreigners on this earth. So I beg you not to surrender to those desires that fight against you. {CEV}

Do you really see yourself as an alien on this earth? Or do you see yourself as everyone else? Are your thoughts and actions patterned to the flesh?

Just like in these cases I mentioned above, imagine that you’re a said Christian; people know you’re a Christian and then, they see you do something that’s not godly. Wouldn’t they be like, “I thought he was a Christian”?

One thing you need realize is that people are watching you. What example are you laying down for them? Many of us can’t overcome compromises and we are like, “It’s not really sinful”, not knowing that any little hole gives the enemy an opportunity to come in. Remember that people are looking up to you and by that act of compromise; you’ve set a negativity example for them. So now tell me, how many opportunities have you giving the enemy by your single compromise?

Dear Christian, you have no obligation to do what your sinful nature tells you to do. If you’re really dead to sin, you should live Christ, like an alien in this world, different from stereotypes. Remember you don’t belong here, so you shouldn’t be conformed to standards of this world.

So I’d ask again, are you really dead?

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