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After the 10 months ASUU Strike

The moment we begin to speak up about the damage ASUU strike has on our educational system, we would take our first step. Why would you embark on a 10 months ASUU strike? Why would you refuse to teach millions of students for 10 months all in the name of unionism?


Fear and 2021 decisions

Let’s not act like it was only the COVID’19 pandemic. 2020 came with lots of heartbreaking events; sickness, death, protests, strike, insurgencies, recession and so on.


Welcome to December

Many of us can’t really boast of a major breakthrough this year, but being alive up till this month despite the craze is a big testimony Let’s be grateful for life and hope for the best next year.



Helloooo everyone. I’m back I hope y’all missed me because I missed myself (Lol). Today is my 3years blog-anniversary (Screeaaaammm) and I’m sooo happy. I am also appreciative of how far I’ve come. It’s been God, really. Is this the point where I’d apologize for being AWOL? I remember saying I didn’t like seeing bloggers use this line as it […]


All I have left is hope

Independence day used to be a day of celebration.Now, it’s just a day of questions, anger and criticisms. A lot of Nigerians decided to trend #FoolAt60 on Twitter some days ago. It’s really sad to think about it. Whether we want to accept it or not; Nigeria is sinking. On this day last year, I wrote an article, expressing my […]



“It’s okay to feel down” they saidWhich of course, I haven’t disputed.But I hope you do so with a smileIf not, the sadness begins to pile.Your smile is your weapon; the keyTo reassuring that Jesus will heal.That He wasn’t disturbed while off shore,Didn’t mean He couldn’t calm the storm.What was most important was His presence“Peace”, He said; which brought the […]


Love is Blind

Twitter folks be wilding recently and sometimes, I laugh and wonder at the vast diversity in people’s perspectives and opinions. A huge percentage of what I put on this blog is my own opinion. It might be a fact, or how I think things should be, but it remains what it is – my opinion and perspective. Today, I’m going […]


What’s right with it?

This is probably going to give you a sneak peek of the funny and weird things that go on in my mind. Some months ago, I posted a picture on my WhatsApp status. It was really nice, my clothes, hair and all. People started sending nice compliments, then, there was someone that just pointed out something; I can’t really remember, […]