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Who are you?

You’re a young and imperfect individual who hasn’t completely found life’s bearing yet! And that’s the truth. But does that mean you can’t give back to life now? Many of us have been in situations where we try to give our 2 cents to life and someone comes with the “Who are you?” “What do you know?” “What experience do […]


“How are you?” “Fine”

I know I’ve started most of my blog posts with “have you ever”, and this is no exemption, so instead of asking, I’ll just assume majority of us have being in this situation. You ask your friend “How are you?” and you know the popular random reply is “fine”, but you don’t just want a “fine”, you want something more; […]


Expressing emotions 101: Pain

We live in the part of the world where expressing emotions makes you look weak. I have been observing, and I have realized that our natural instincts; the way we were raised, is to submerge pain whenever we feel it. That is why most people going through stuff don’t open up until it’s a bit late because they feel it’s […]


Monday Motivation

We hear a lot of things daily; both positive and negative. Words are powerful and can either tear us down or build us up. We depend so much on what people have to say and sometimes, get disappointed when what they say isn’t what we expected. How about we quit depending on people’s words and listen to what God has […]


The Mood Swinger

Have you ever been in a social gathering or with a group of people that are discussing about how they can’t stand people that have mood swings? Well, I have. Countless number of times. And to be very honest, I have been really hurt because I have mood swings (L.O.L) As a matter of fact, I’ve had a one-on-one discussion […]


Being yourself to not be yourself

We’re in the time where there’s so much pressure on the average human being. A lady wants to marry/date a guy who is rich, bearded (winks), tall, well built, “God-fearing”, fluent in English, has a good dress sense and a whole lot of things. Meanwhile, the guys also wants a lady who is beautiful, has a “good” body figure, moral […]


To every middle class citizen:

Every society is supposed to have the upper class, middle class (in this case, the working and middle class) and lower class.The rich (elite) are able to control the lower class because the individuals in the lower class don’t think twice about exchanging their voices and choices for money. Of course, they need the money. Looking at the Nigerian society […]


April Full

“I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for.” [Jeremiah 29:11 GNB] Have you ever doubted that scripture? Especially when you find yourself in disastrous situations? “The scripture says God has plans to bring me prosperity and not disaster, so why am I […]


How to prepare Chinese Macaroni

Well, this is a dish I decided to try at home while I was bored and the outcome was superb. I called it ‘Chinese Macaroni’ because some part of the recipe was gotten from Chinese fried rice. This one just hits on a whole different level. I made this blog post on request from many, after seeing the photos of […]