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Word For Wednesday: Love yourself despite the flaws

I don’t know how many times I’ve been on this “flaws” chapter, but it’s quite important because it affects our very actions. So, last week I was down with the self-judging thingy again. “Why can’t I just be like this person? Why am I like this? This is what makes people not like me”. Amidst all these thoughts, God asked […]


Happy New Year

New year resolutions have been ridiculed because of its abuse, but don’t let that stop you from setting goals. Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail. Happy new year.



I saw this big cloud of smoke somewhere faraway. My heart started beating fast; “Not another fire incident!” When I got closer, I saw it was one of a trailer’s tyres that caught fire. My heart became calmer and I made mental observations about how I was beginning to fear fire incidents. My frequent fire “experiences” haven’t given me any […]


Is this 59 years of Independence?

She screamed I heard it so loud from my room, where I was sitting, combing my hair. The first thing that came to my mind was; “Who would be shouting like this at 11pm”. The thing is, this street is noisy, sometimes even at night. I heard it again; this time louder and I also heard other voices. What was […]


Light and Life 31

Day 31 It’s really impossible to the see a wet ground and think or get confused that it’s dry. Like, it will be evident enough that the ground is wet. That’s exactly how it is with life. You can’t open a coffin and begin to argue with a friend that the human inside is alive or dead. You can’t really […]


Light and Life 30

Day 30 What is so much in vogue now is the fact that people like to complain and criticize a lot of things without even thinking about what they say. The perfect illustration is a big fan in a closed room blowing many pieces of paper. The present day people are the pieces of paper that are blown in any […]


Light and Life 29

Day 29 How does touching lives bring satisfaction, talk more of true satisfaction? Especially when you don’t feel up to it and you really need to focus on yourself. The truth is, you’d never know, or be able to measure the level the satisfaction until you actually get that satisfaction. Let’s take a look at Mother Teresa and the fact […]


Light and Life 28

Day 28 I spent a greater part of my life telling myself that people didn’t really care about what I had to offer and that I might not be as good as I think I am. I wrote a lot because I was easily inspired by the things around me, but that didn’t go so far because I mostly got […]


Light and Life 27

Day 27 The perfect example of love and purpose has to do with a “laying down”. The problem these days is that we want to love without sacrifice or love when it’s sacrificially convenient. But perfect love has shown us that we can’t love without sacrifice. Purpose is also mostly about the people around you. You can’t say; “My purpose […]