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Light and Life 6

Day 6 Many people have the mindset that they’re supposed to fit somewhere; in a place and amongst people. This is the reason why people begin to feel inferior and out of place when they don’t seem to fit in a particular clique of friends or a simple gathering. I want us to understand something; “you’re not part of a […]


Light and Life 5

Day 5 Two different people might say, “I can do it”, but what you understand from that simple statement from the first person is “I know I can do it” and from the second person is, “I’m not really sure I have such capacity, but I’m just trying to be positive, so hopefully, I should be able to do it”. […]


Light and Love 4

Day 4 If someone decides to call me a “man” today, I wouldn’t be offended because I’m not a man. I might either laugh it off or ask myself why I was called a man, which could be attached to many reasons. It might be based on how I dress, or talk, or what he understands a man to be, […]


Light and Love 3

Day 3 Since the 1st, I’ve been talking about accepting and loving ourselves. Today, I’ll give the reason I’ve been emphasizing on this. It’s simply because “You can’t give what you don’t have”. This statement is as simple as anything and very self explanatory. In our normal day life, when we see someone spending money lavishly or dashing out a […]


Light and Life 2

Day 2 Have you ever wondered why you have problems accepting people around you? Like, you’d just figure out you resent some particular people without them offending you. There’s this nice girl around you that is freely living her life, loving herself the way she should and doesn’t seem to have an esteem issue, but you suddenly have a problem […]


Light and Life 1

Day 1 Our misconception about flaws is what makes us have self esteem issues. What people are used to is to complain about their flaws, reject them and try to be someone else all together. What we forget is that those flaws are part of what makes us who we are. Rejecting them means rejecting yourself. What happened to being […]


Light and Life

ALWAYS read caption Captions hold the real meaning of the message in full. Don’t be in a hurry. Get what God is saying to you


Be your own version of beauty

Like I’d always say, there is beauty in diversity. I believe everyone was created with a uniqueness. Your decisions to add a taste of that uniqueness and difference is what singles you out. Every invention we enjoy today came from people who didn’t, or were tired of following the crowd. You’re not obligated to follow the crowd. It would only […]


Dear God,

We are not like Moses, who had to put a veil over his face so that the people of Israel would not see the brightness fade and disappear. Their minds, indeed, were closed; and to this very day their minds are covered with the same veil as they read the books of the old covenant. The veil is removed only […]


The Resurrection and The Life

Many of us are struggling to live our lives because we’ve not yet embraced the life that Christ has given to us. Jesus Christ came so that we would have abundant and unlimited life [John 10:10]. You might actually be walking dead, that’s why things are extremely hard and explainable, because you have only accepted that He died for you, […]