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Forget how to quit

Phew! There are times I get so choked up (In fact, I am choked up at the moment), that I just feel like giving up. Like, “Who send me?” and it feels like I’ve reached my limit and holding on isn’t really worth it. Those times can be really trying and energy-sucking, but isn’t that an indication that you’re on […]


Little did I know

Updated from – December 24, 2017 Every unary day of my life; I spent it as a thrall. Slavery, that’s what it’s called, right? Well, call it anything you want; I guess I was blinded with the normality. News was that we were paying some debt. Debts some anon parents made. But wasn’t there satisfaction from the labour spent? Surmises […]


What is your purpose?

Updated from – December 11, 2017 Have you ever asked yourself as a Christian; “what is my purpose?”, having heard that being successful is not outclassing others but fulfilling your purpose? Before we go into that question, let me remind us that we’re called ‘Christians’ because we’re supposed be Christ-like, live like Christ, think like Christ, talk like Christ and […]


Are you really dead?

Updated from – December 11, 2017 ARE YOU REALLY DEAD? There’s been something going around social media for a while about some people that are dead but not really dead. Funny! I can’t fathom. But even as funny as it sounds, some people have come to say it’s true, these things are happening. A particular lady said she was dating […]


Dear lady

Updated from – November 26, 2017 I stand for gender equality and against gender inequality. One particular day, I was sent to buy something and I had to go as far as the junction because many shops didn’t have what I wanted. I got to particular shop and saw this lady, fine lady, fine strong girl though, because all ladies […]


Do you think you can?

Updated from – November 26, 2017 Psychology and perspective play important roles in our day-to-day life. I decided to clean up my room one particular day, a thorough clean up. I had almost finished cleaning up when I got exhausted, I needed to rest. I was about ‘resting’ when I realized I had no strength at all, ‘I’ll get coke’, […]


What do you do with a broken vessel?

– November 26, 2017 “We” Ugochi corrected her friend. She folded her legs up and rested her jaw on her knees. If only she had been careful or had minded her business, fetched her water and left immediately, but no; Nneka convinced her to join those girls in their water fight, now they were both leaving without water, not even with […]


That worthless substitution

Updated from – November 26, 2017 Tosin was calling again. Oh God! She needed to go before he got angry. “…….so, when you get to your room, sit down and make that list. A list will make everything much more organized and functional. Don’t forget o! Our environment is in a big mess, it needs to be cleaned asap! We […]


The mind and the Thinkers

Updated from – November 26, 2017 Stella woke up early in the morning and did her devotion. She later went about doing her normal morning chores, and then realized her siblings were still sleeping. She went to wake her twin brothers first. “Tobi, Toni! Wake up joor. You guys are almost late for school”. Then she opened the door of […]


Your Perspective, Your Life

November 09, 2017 Updated from   I got an inspiration last week from the burglary that was fixed by our kitchen door. I was inside the kitchen, preparing dinner when my sisters started playing with the burglary. After so much play, they locked it. I looked at it, felt locked. I went ahead to rest on the burglary. “Mehn, […]