Beauty in Diversity: Actual Beauty or Disguised Hate

A lot of us say there’s beauty in diversity (I’ve said so myself), and I can’t say if this is a fact or just to pacify the different person.

I actually believe there’s beauty in diversity and I personally dislike total sameness, but looking at our world today, can we really say people love this beauty that comes with diversity? Do they even recognize it? Or is it just disguised hate? These are the questions I’ve asked myself.

Think about why you’re disliked for being different in class, in your workplace and sometimes at home. Because you don’t conform in society or because “you’re not normal”, you’re disliked.

I’ve put together some areas where there’s no recognizable beauty in diversity which can make us question what people really feel about diversity:


This is number one on my list, and I’m sure you know why. For centuries, there has always being interracial hate between the black, white, asian, etc. If we really lived by what we preached, we wouldn’t have racism today and different races thinking they’re superior.

I had a discussion with a friend who is outside the country. He told me about an experience he had where a white man told his friend to clean a seat he was about to sit on because a black man had just left there and might have “stained” the seat. It’s actually laughable, and at the same time sad, that this is still happening in this century, but my friend said something that struck me; “Shouldn’t we be happy and appreciative that we have different people living amongst us?” Why the hate? I’d leave you to ponder on whatever is in your mind


Do I need to stress much about this? Why are intertribal marriages discouraged? Even when it is allowed, the different-tribe person is always looked at with a different eye. I am a product of an intertribal marriage and I wear it with pride. Infact, it puts a sweet ring on my person. So why discourage it? What’s with all the tribal intolerance  (especially in Nigeria where someone would retract favour or relation from someone from a different tribe).


One way or the other, this had to be on my list. What’s with the fight between men and women? Two genders that were made to cohabit? No matter the theory you want to prove about how the world has “evolved”, you can never produce an offspring without the help of either of the genders. The antagonism, unnecessary criticism and gender wars are beyond irritating.


I couldn’t help but put this. Recently, people have been asking “What is wrong with the left hand?” Every single answer I’ve received is based on illogical culture. People said the left hand is cursed, someone sarcastically said “God should have given us two right hands since the left one is bad”. A lot of people are dominantly left-handed, isn’t it discriminatory to imply that they’re “cursed”. Shouldn’t we appreciate such difference? If your excuse is that people use their left hand to wash their butts, I’m here to tell you that many right-handed (and left-handed) people use their right hands to that. If your excuse is to leave illogical culture “how it is”, remember a culture thought it was right to kill twins.

Generally, our egoistic fight for superiority (Think about how each side in Race, Gender and Tribe thinks/says they’re better/more superior than the other sides) has blinded us to this beauty.

Maybe there was never any beauty in the first place, maybe it was just disguised hate that had particular moments in history to manifest as fulltime hate.

What are other areas you know where there is disgused/manifested hate in diversity? What is your opinion on diversity? Do you ever think things would get better?
Let’s discuss in the comments section.

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21 thoughts on “Beauty in Diversity: Actual Beauty or Disguised Hate”

  1. People dnt really know what they want or what they hink they know. Most people just live based on assumptions or other people’s assumptions without any base of logical facts.

  2. There’s beauty in diversity. People seem to worry alot about what they can’t change or have control of. No one, but God made it so. Diversity wasn’t masterminded by any human.

  3. There’s always the issue of religious diversity, and probably sexual diversity… And, no… I don’t think things will ever really get better… There’ll always be diversity tussles an’ all that…

  4. A lot of the intolerance we exhibit is as a result of mental conditioning. What you’ve come to believe over time eventually comes a long way to determining our tolerance. It is well…

  5. Particularly in gender, I still don’t get how people can’t see the beauty in our diffrrences. I mean, wouldn’t the world be boring if men and women were the same? Our diversity brings balance. But people just don’t see it.

  6. Diversity is a beautiful thing
    Take for instance this 10months we stayed at home doing the same thing over and over again everyday… It’s tiring honestly

    So imagine everyone on Earth having the same view on every issue, belonging to the same race or even belonging to the same gender (so there will be no woman?… Ah😱
    God forbid)
    Truth is same way we were all tired of staying at home, we’ll all become tired one day… and Abeg the world will be boring jare

  7. A lot of the hatred comes from within. It takes someone who’s learned to love and fully accept him/herself, to accept others. When we struggle with accepting others who are different, it could be that we’ve not fully accepted ourselves.

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