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Smoothie ideas you’ll love

For those bored of making the same type of smoothies over and over again and struggling with smoothie creativity, I have decided to come up with smoothie ideas that I know you’ll love.


How to prepare Chinese Macaroni

Well, this is a dish I decided to try at home while I was bored and the outcome was superb. I called it ‘Chinese Macaroni’ because some part of the recipe was gotten from Chinese fried rice. This one just hits on a whole different level. I made this blog post on request from many, after seeing the photos of […]


Baking without baking powder??😮

Have you ever been getting prepared for something, tried to get all things necessary, then when you start whatever you want to do, you realize something important was left out?? That’s exactly what happened to me today. I was baking a cake, I had mixed all the ingredients to the point where I was to add baking powder and I […]