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Fear and 2021 decisions

Let’s not act like it was only the COVID’19 pandemic. 2020 came with lots of heartbreaking events; sickness, death, protests, strike, insurgencies, recession and so on.


What’s right with it?

This is probably going to give you a sneak peek of the funny and weird things that go on in my mind. Some months ago, I posted a picture on my WhatsApp status. It was really nice, my clothes, hair and all. People started sending nice compliments, then, there was someone that just pointed out something; I can’t really remember, […]


What Chadwick Boseman’s death taught me

Chadwick quoted Jeremiah 29:11: “I know the plans I have towards; plans of good and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope”. He quoted this scripture 2years ago, when he was battling with colon cancer; stage III colon cancer!! Some of us might want to ask questions, especially about his cancer. The truth is, a lot […]



That’s how I looked at myself. I could point out a lot of flaws in 1 minute, but struggle to tell you something good about myself. This little act tampered with my self esteem while growing up. So yes, you’d go through my blog and see how much I talk about loving yourself despite your flaws. I want you to […]



“Youthfulness”; what comes to your mind when you hear this? To many, it’s a time of enthusiasm or a time to “enjoy your life”. A lot of problems we have with the youth today is that majority of us depend on stereotypes to live. If we change our mindsets, we would definitely change a lot of things positively. For better […]


ANTI-STEREOTYPICAL — Breaking away from societal mind control

“I am anti-stereotypical”. A lot of people have heard me say this and most times, I say it when referring to societal norm. I live mostly by personal convictions and I really have a problem with just doing things because “it is a norm”. What if it isn’t right? What if it doesn’t sit well with me? What if it […]


“How are you?” “Fine”

I know I’ve started most of my blog posts with “have you ever”, and this is no exemption, so instead of asking, I’ll just assume majority of us have being in this situation. You ask your friend “How are you?” and you know the popular random reply is “fine”, but you don’t just want a “fine”, you want something more; […]


Expressing emotions 101: Pain

We live in the part of the world where expressing emotions makes you look weak. I have been observing, and I have realized that our natural instincts; the way we were raised, is to submerge pain whenever we feel it. That is why most people going through stuff don’t open up until it’s a bit late because they feel it’s […]