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Light and Life 31

Day 31 It’s really impossible to the see a wet ground and think or get confused that it’s dry. Like, it will be evident enough that the ground is wet. That’s exactly how it is with life. You can’t open a coffin and begin to argue with a friend that the human inside is alive or dead. You can’t really […]


Light and Life 30

Day 30 What is so much in vogue now is the fact that people like to complain and criticize a lot of things without even thinking about what they say. The perfect illustration is a big fan in a closed room blowing many pieces of paper. The present day people are the pieces of paper that are blown in any […]


Light and Life 29

Day 29 How does touching lives bring satisfaction, talk more of true satisfaction? Especially when you don’t feel up to it and you really need to focus on yourself. The truth is, you’d never know, or be able to measure the level the satisfaction until you actually get that satisfaction. Let’s take a look at Mother Teresa and the fact […]


Light and Life 28

Day 28 I spent a greater part of my life telling myself that people didn’t really care about what I had to offer and that I might not be as good as I think I am. I wrote a lot because I was easily inspired by the things around me, but that didn’t go so far because I mostly got […]


Light and Life 27

Day 27 The perfect example of love and purpose has to do with a “laying down”. The problem these days is that we want to love without sacrifice or love when it’s sacrificially convenient. But perfect love has shown us that we can’t love without sacrifice. Purpose is also mostly about the people around you. You can’t say; “My purpose […]


Light and Life 26

Day 26 We’re fond of using the third servant in the Bible, who decided to bury the talent his master gave him as an example when we’re having teachings based on this topic. Nobody wants to be like that third servant who will bury or hide his talent. We want to be people who are vocal about our talents so […]


Light and Life 25

Day 25 A king controls His environment and everything around him is subject to him. For you to be able to control your environment, you have to know that environment beyond the knowledge of others. God is Omniscient. He knows everything that has happened, is happening and will happen. For the past five days, we tried to emphasize on how […]


Light and Life 24

Day 24 So, some days ago, we talked about how your perspective of life affects your response and that if you want to change a particular aspect of your life, you need to change your perspective. How do you see life? Some people say life is hard, some say it’s short, some say it’s to be enjoyed, some say it’s […]


Light and Life 23

Day 23 We know how influential our mindset can be to our lives. Some of us have gotten to a point where we’re bound to certain mindsets that it becomes a hindrance to attain certain things. We shouldn’t get to the point where our mindset begins to control our every activity. Mindset is a way of thinking that is sometimes […]


Light and Life 22

Day 22 Have you ever lost so much blood before? How did it feel like? Or have you had low blood pressure, in dire of food that you’re so weak? You’ll literally feel life sipping out of you. That’s exactly how it feels like when you surround yourself with negativity.I frequently thank God for love and growth in my life. […]