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Who are you?

You’re a young and imperfect individual who hasn’t completely found life’s bearing yet! And that’s the truth. But does that mean you can’t give back to life now? Many of us have been in situations where we try to give our 2 cents to life and someone comes with the “Who are you?” “What do you know?” “What experience do […]

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Monday Motivation

We hear a lot of things daily; both positive and negative. Words are powerful and can either tear us down or build us up. We depend so much on what people have to say and sometimes, get disappointed when what they say isn’t what we expected. How about we quit depending on people’s words and listen to what God has […]

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To every middle class citizen:

Every society is supposed to have the upper class, middle class (in this case, the working and middle class) and lower class.The rich (elite) are able to control the lower class because the individuals in the lower class don’t think twice about exchanging their voices and choices for money. Of course, they need the money. Looking at the Nigerian society […]

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Light and Life 5

Day 5 Two different people might say, “I can do it”, but what you understand from that simple statement from the first person is “I know I can do it” and from the second person is, “I’m not really sure I have such capacity, but I’m just trying to be positive, so hopefully, I should be able to do it”. […]

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Be your own version of beauty

Like I’d always say, there is beauty in diversity. I believe everyone was created with a uniqueness. Your decisions to add a taste of that uniqueness and difference is what singles you out. Every invention we enjoy today came from people who didn’t, or were tired of following the crowd. You’re not obligated to follow the crowd. It would only […]

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