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What’s right with it?

This is probably going to give you a sneak peek of the funny and weird things that go on in my mind. Some months ago, I posted a picture on my WhatsApp status. It was really nice, my clothes, hair and all. People started sending nice compliments, then, there was someone that just pointed out something; I can’t really remember, […]



That’s how I looked at myself. I could point out a lot of flaws in 1 minute, but struggle to tell you something good about myself. This little act tampered with my self esteem while growing up. So yes, you’d go through my blog and see how much I talk about loving yourself despite your flaws. I want you to […]


Who are you?

You’re a young and imperfect individual who hasn’t completely found life’s bearing yet! And that’s the truth. But does that mean you can’t give back to life now? Many of us have been in situations where we try to give our 2 cents to life and someone comes with the “Who are you?” “What do you know?” “What experience do […]


Monday Motivation

We hear a lot of things daily; both positive and negative. Words are powerful and can either tear us down or build us up. We depend so much on what people have to say and sometimes, get disappointed when what they say isn’t what we expected. How about we quit depending on people’s words and listen to what God has […]


The Mood Swinger

Have you ever been in a social gathering or with a group of people that are discussing about how they can’t stand people that have mood swings? Well, I have. Countless number of times. And to be very honest, I have been really hurt because I have mood swings (L.O.L) As a matter of fact, I’ve had a one-on-one discussion […]


Being yourself to not be yourself

We’re in the time where there’s so much pressure on the average human being. A lady wants to marry/date a guy who is rich, bearded (winks), tall, well built, “God-fearing”, fluent in English, has a good dress sense and a whole lot of things. Meanwhile, the guys also wants a lady who is beautiful, has a “good” body figure, moral […]


Word For Wednesday: Love yourself despite the flaws

I don’t know how many times I’ve been on this “flaws” chapter, but it’s quite important because it affects our very actions. So, last week I was down with the self-judging thingy again. “Why can’t I just be like this person? Why am I like this? This is what makes people not like me”. Amidst all these thoughts, God asked […]


Happy New Year

New year resolutions have been ridiculed because of its abuse, but don’t let that stop you from setting goals. Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail. Happy new year.


Light and Life 31

Day 31 It’s really impossible to the see a wet ground and think or get confused that it’s dry. Like, it will be evident enough that the ground is wet. That’s exactly how it is with life. You can’t open a coffin and begin to argue with a friend that the human inside is alive or dead. You can’t really […]


Light and Life 30

Day 30 What is so much in vogue now is the fact that people like to complain and criticize a lot of things without even thinking about what they say. The perfect illustration is a big fan in a closed room blowing many pieces of paper. The present day people are the pieces of paper that are blown in any […]