“It’s okay to feel down” they saidWhich of course, I haven’t disputed.But I hope you do so with a smileIf not, the sadness begins to pile.Your smile is your weapon; the keyTo reassuring that Jesus will heal.That He wasn’t disturbed while off shore,Didn’t mean He couldn’t calm the storm.What was most important was His presence“Peace”, …


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My funeral; I write

Day 46 Dear Diary, It seems like everyone’s all dressed up In different uniforms, some with matching shoes and clutch Are they all beautified because they cherished me? These attires look like ‘understatement’ would fit for ‘expensive’. I’m wondering if I missed out on some treasure hunts in my counted days of life. It might …

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Little did I know

Updated from iyunoluwa.blogspot.com – December 24, 2017 Every unary day of my life; I spent it as a thrall. Slavery, that’s what it’s called, right? Well, call it anything you want; I guess I was blinded with the normality. News was that we were paying some debt. Debts some anon parents made. But wasn’t there satisfaction …

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Pressure: A Cloying setoff

Updated from iyunoluwa.blogspot.com – November 09, 2017 Sweet to the tongue, a very lingering taste. It gets to its destination and it feels like it’s all you’d ever want. Makes you get unaddicted to every other thing you’ve once embraced.  But what can you say? It’s selfless aim satisfies the very core of your tongue. Seems …

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