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I was glad I was in church before the service started (when am I not always early?). The worship leader was in front with the microphone, asking us to ‘begin to worship God’. I closed my eyes even with anger boiling within; “circumstances would not stop my worship”. But why should I even be angry on a Sunday morning; the Lord’s day? Okay, let’s flash back to earlier this morning.

I’m usually the first to wake up at home. I am in the sanctuary keeping unit and we have to put the church in order before people begin to come in. I wake up, take my bath, dress up and begin to head to church immediately. Not like my parents don’t attend the same church with me, but waiting for them would make me late (I know there are scriptures that talk about time management, so I pray every Sunday for God to forgive them).

I woke up to realize I had overslept. My alarm didn’t ring (not to me though), but that’s not the annoying part; my sisters were awake and didn’t care to wake me. Like “Yeah, I get you don’t care about going early to church, but I do and you know it”. I am very sure that if I went late to church, God’s anger would be on them; not me. I took my bath and realized my dress didn’t fit. Okay, when did I add so much weight??!!! That was another struggle for me; looking for another “best cloth” because we should appear in God’s presence with nothing but the best. When I had found another cloth and ironed it, my parents and siblings had already finished eating. They wasted another 5 -10 minutes to get themselves into the car. Throughout the way to church, I kept tapping my foot. 8:53…… 8:55……. 8:57. Anyway (Glory to God), we got to church by 8:59am. We weren’t late, but I didn’t “serve” God that Sunday; I didn’t join them to arrange the church.

So, different things piled up to get me annoyed but I wasn’t letting the devil have it. I was still dressed in another “best cloth” and I think God was going to accept it. I was going to give God my all, like I’ve always done.

The worship; or would I call it the “slower songs section” had just ended. Mehn, I had literal chills. The worship leader started the “praise” with such swag and poise. I didn’t fail to give my best moves. Worship or praise should be expressive. People should look at you and know that you’re really worshipping God.

I looked at Sister Nkiru and I was filled with disgust. She was just moving left and right; no dance moves. Was she singing or just murmuring? If anyone was just passing by the church and saw only Nkiru, would they know we were worshipping God? Doesn’t she know who God is???!! She looks like she’s carrying the world on her shoulders; just like she always does. Is she the only one who has issues? I was also annoyed this morning but I didn’t let that hinder me from praising God.

“Dear God, I know that we would all face tribulations and trials, but I pray that it would never hinder my worship to you. I know you have accepted my offering. Help me to continue praising you like I always do. Amen”

Well, this is Blessing’s church attitude. Let’s change perspective and see Nkiru’s church attitude.

“Let us begin to worship God and pour out our hearts to Him”

I think I’ve heard this a thousand times. Reflecting on the past week, my relationship with God hasn’t really been ‘it’. I sincerely want to be in good standing with God, but these things aren’t easy. Every Sunday I’m here wishing to have that glamorous relationship with God everyone talks about but that’s where it ends.

“Dear God, I know I’m not “up to standard”; and by standard, I know I’m not even worthy to stand in your presence, especially when I think about things I did last week. I ask for your forgiveness and I pray you’d accept my worship. I don’t also want to continue this way. I know you have given me the grace to live the life you want me to live. I pray that I yield to your guidance to utilizing it. Amen”

Apart from the fact that I felt peace after that prayer, I felt strength and I was going to worship God from the depths of my heart; with intentional words.

Okay guys, this is it; church attitude from two different people. Remember the story of the Pharisee and the tax collector praying to God? This is just an adapted version, but it’s also reality, because we have people who spend so much time in church “observing” people’s actions and judging them. Majority of people who do this feel they’re the best or in “right standing” with God. I’m sure we know what God had to say about the Pharisee. We also have people who do the opposite. Instead, they focus solely on themselves and God. So many of us are guilty of being Blessing. Instead of being like Blessing, we can reach out to fellow Christians with love or put them in our prayers.

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  1. Wow! This is something that needs to be resounded. Reach out to people instead of being so conclusive. Nice one Ronnie.

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