“It’s okay to feel down” they said
Which of course, I haven’t disputed.
But I hope you do so with a smile
If not, the sadness begins to pile.
Your smile is your weapon; the key
To reassuring that Jesus will heal.
That He wasn’t disturbed while off shore,
Didn’t mean He couldn’t calm the storm.
What was most important was His presence
“Peace”, He said; which brought the stillness

Smile; not because everything’s perfect
Smile; because you know He’s present
He will look into your heart with love so deep
And calm the storm by saying, “Peace, be still”
Smile; because people have storms too.
Your smile will bring comfort for two,
Giving them hope for another day
I’m sure you’d love to share that grace.
No matter how big or small your crisis seem,
Don’t forget to wear your smile, which is the key.

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8 thoughts on “CRISIS WITH A SMILE”

  1. First of all, I have to apologize for taking this long to read this, I know that’s it’s basically for my own good but I feel like the effort put in by the writer should be rewarded with a quick response.
    I personally picked two things from this article; first of all, the conscious knowledge that christ is present with us at all times puts a smile on our faces.
    Secondly, a smile is good for me and the people who see me smile. As simple as it seems, a smile can turn someone’s day around

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