Death: Your key to Freedom

So you grew up at the west and didn’t use the word “kani”, are you sure you grew up at the west?
Before I proceed, “kani” means “let’s say”
Especially the film producers. “Oya, let’s act play. Kani I’m your mother” or “Kani I’m a doctor” or “Kani I’m in my office, you’ll now come and see me”.
Hehehe, those days Mummy’s shoes were number one costumes.
“Kani ayam selling onions, Oya come and buy”. Then we packed all the onions at home. “How much?” “Ten ten naira.”
Or is it when we visit Grandpa and Grandma and then Temiloluwa and Tosin wouldn’t let us rest.
“Kani I’m Superman”
“No, I’m Superman, you yaa Batman”
“No I’m Superman joor”
Hehehe, brothers war (I’ve lost count) would start.
The one that marveled me the most was, “Kani I aff die”. Some people will even secure themselves and say, “God forbid oo, but kani I aff die”.
My brother and I had been doing a lot of movies together and the time came when we had to act a movie that needed three people, so we added my immediate junior sister (she could barely talk then, but did we have a choice?).
Filming started. Set location: inside the house, around the center table in the parlour and any other place you can think of.
Confusion found rootage when my sister discovered it was a Yoruba movie we were shooting. (We acted a lot of Yoruba movies then, nobody should ask me anything). I’m sure she was like, “I don’t understand. Was this part of the agreement? Or didn’t I read the contract well before signing?”
Another confusion, why were they leaving me here and entering the room? (According to the script, she just had to stay there. I don’t know why too). Well, we saw the confusion, but filming couldn’t stop. “She just has to understand.”
Filming wrapped up and according to the script, before “to God be glory”, my sister had to die.
“Kani yaff die. Oya lie down on the floor.”
Trouble! Cos instead of “dying kanily”, she burst into tears. “How could she be dead?”
Well, filming had to stop and we had to throw a whole lot of consolations.
I would’ve dropped the pen here, but I decided to drop something else instead.
If only my sister understood that her “kanied death” was the end to all the confusions from shooting the movie, she wouldn’t have cried. Infact, she’d have joyfully “died kanily” just so she wouldn’t be confused no more.
That should be the same thing with us;
When you arrive into this world, you meet wickedness, pain, insanity, sin, lies, confusion, fleshy desires and any other thing that’s of the flesh.
But then, Jesus Christ came to die for us, to take away the sins of this world.
All you need to do is surrender your life of craze to Him, He’s the resurrection and the life.
Surrendering your life to Him is like saying, “kani aff die”. You’re assumed to be dead, dead to flesh and therefore receiving the life He gives, the life of the Spirit.
But just like my sister, many of us don’t understand that surrendering our lives to Christ is the key to freedom, freedom from the “dirt” that found rootage in your life when you started acting this play called “life”.
Eph 1:17-18 prays for us to have understanding, and I pray same too
Your death to flesh is your key to FREEDOM!
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