December Air

It’s a new month, as we all know, but this isn’t just another month. I’d say it’s the most anticipated month of the year. A month filled with end-of-year celebrations, journeys, people in the village start expecting their family members, students in school get to enjoy a nice holiday with families, we get to eat the best meals (especially homes where fried rice and chicken is saved for this period), and of course, the generally celebrated Christmas( I’ve already started seeing people wearing Christmas hats sef), which is the proposed day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. After Christmas, it still continues with crossover services and countdown to the new year
Now pause, these stuff I’ve listed seem so much, right? But this is certainly how it is; celebrations. It is very good and important to celebrate, but let’s not forget that this is the last month of the year, the wrap up of the 365 days. Don’t get carried away by the plenteous celebrations. This is the time to sit and make a review on how you’ve spent your year so far, the things you were able to achieve, the challenges you experienced and your failures. What were those resolutions you made at the beginning of this year? How much were you able to achieve?

Why is this important?

  • It helps you avoid making the same mistakes you made this year next year.
  • It makes you more accountable and more disciplined. We are all growing up and we’ve gotten to this stage where we’re responsible for all our actions.
  • Making this review would help you accept your flaws and plan next year better.

It also helps you make reasonable and precise decisions for next year, so you can avoid making stereotypically prompted new year resolutions.
Don’t wait for the new year before you make your review, do it this month. Do it while the air is still a bit clear, before the variety of celebrations get you carried away.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • In what ways have I been relevant? Recall those times and give yourself a thumbs up. Appreciate your efforts and make plans to improve next year.
  • What are the promises I made to myself? Did I break them? What made me break them?
  • What were my achievements? What steps did I take to achieve them?
  • What were my setbacks? What challenges did I encounter?
  • How can I be sincerely better? What precise plans can I make.

Trust me, planning always prepares you for the best. It doesn’t get rid of challenges you’re bound to face and setbacks you’d experience, but it surely does prevent unnecessary setbacks. Plan while it’s early. Happy new month to you.

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