Do you think you can?

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– November 26, 2017

Psychology and perspective play important roles in our day-to-day life.

I decided to clean up my room one particular day, a thorough clean up. I had almost finished cleaning up when I got exhausted, I needed to rest. I was about ‘resting’ when I realized I had no strength at all, ‘I’ll get coke’, I said to myself. So, I went to nearby shop to buy coke to drink. I didn’t even wait till I got to my room, I just opened it and at the first sip, I was like, “Ha, strength”.

I psychologically felt strength surging through my body, my bones, my muscles and tissue.

“Thank God I bought this coke”

After some 2-3 seconds, I realized I was still weak, nothing was surging through my body except the cold liquid that was going down my oesophagus. It was all in my mind. “Chisom, you think too much”, I told myself.

But guess what, something was different. I did feel some strength anyways. Not just from the coke I was drinking, but from the fact that I thought the coke could give me strength.

You see ehn; life is very practical, extremely practical. Let’s start from childbirth; a child doesn’t come out of its mother’s stomach with houses, cars or food. This child is expected grow (acquire). The first few years of its life is anchored by its parents, like a tutorial. When this child gets to particular stage in life, it has to write exams, it can’t keep on getting tutorials. This child has to start fending and growing all by itself. So in essence, real life is OYO (on your own), tutorial isn’t real life.

Where am I headed? Everyone was created or born to establish, substantiate and install (I like install in this context) his/her life by himself/herself. If anybody does that for you, you allowed that, so you’re still in control. Don’t tell me about circumstances. You allowed that too, so you’re still in control. Your destiny lies ‘in’ you. So, it depends on what you bring out of yourself. Whatever you bring out is what you’ll meet.

Unfortunately, many people allow the said circumstance into their lives because they confess so much negativity without understanding the power in them. Remember you have the ability to install, so if you confess negativity, you install negativity. If you confess success, you install success. That’s how powerful the human mind is. Many things we see today established in our country were born out of people’s mind. The fact that you can’t think of any remarkable thing you’ve born is because you don’t understand the power you have. There was poem we were all forced to learn in secondary school. We said it every day during our morning assembly and it was like, “Ehn, let’s learn it. Shebi they want us to recite it every day? I can’t embarrass myself”. I went back to that poem and it ministered to me. I have a habit of replacing ‘you’ with ‘I’.


By C. W. Longenecker

If I think I am beaten, I am;

If I think I dare not, I don’t.

If I like to win, but think I can’t;

It’s almost a cinch I won’t.

If I think I’ll lose, I’m lost,

For out in the world we find

Success begins with a fellow’s will;

It’s all in the state of mind.

If I think I’m outclassed, I am.

I’ve got to think high to rise.

I’ve got to be sure of myself

Before I can ever win a prize.

Life’s battles don’t always go

To the stronger or faster person;

But sooner or later, the person who wins

Is the person who thinks he can.

Do you think you can?

Despite different challenges, do you?

The beautiful thing is; this is separate from the ability God has given us as Christians. So, what’s your excuse?

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