Don’t Admire Silently

We talk about how people shouldn’t live off validations, but let’s talk about how we shouldn’t hoard compliments. In a simple plain sentence; “don’t admire silently”, because it’s not always about us. Let’s read on

I watched a video some years ago, of Chimamanda Adiche giving a speech about kindness and it made so much sense.

Remember that people will never forget small acts of kindness. Be kind. Paying attention is one of the most beautiful acts of kindness. The people you will come across in your life will never forget when you’re kind.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche

Several people around us are putting in so much effort into whatever they’re doing. Those of us who are observant know how thoughtful and uplifting dropping a compliment is. If you notice someone is doing good, please, drop a compliment. Don’t admire silently.

People act like there’s a trophy for the “toughest persons”. No, let’s not be like that. Appreciating people doesn’t make us vulnerable or less ourselves. If anything, it just brings down our ego a little bit. If we’re letting kindness rule, then we shouldn’t make it about ourselves, but about how nice it make others feel.

Like I said, it’s not always about us. Occasionally, we should learn to think about how others would feel. If we see something we like, we can smile and acknowledge how good it is. But don’t you think it would be kind of you to reach out to that person and say what a good job he/she is doing?

Think about it

This goes a long way for creative people. When people create nice things, they do it not only out of inspiration, but based on what people will like and appreciate. So please, show that extra act of kindness and say nice things to people. Tell them how great they’re doing, how beautiful their work is, how well they’re able to manage things and so on. Just make sure you don’t notice these things and keep quiet about it.

Many people are struggling with discouragement because they think people don’t value or appreciate them. Imagine you value that person and just keep it; the person will never know. You need to understand that some people need this thing—some nice words; a little encouragement and appreciation.

People you come across will not forget a nice and genuine compliment you gave them

It won’t hurt nor take anything away from you, if you applaud people openly. Again, don’t admire silently.

Those who have been admiring me or/and my work silently, I forgive you🙂

I’ve been away for 2months and I’m so happy to be back😊. If you read up till this point; send welcome back fundsssss. T for Thanks😁

Don't admire silently.
Be intentional about kindness

With all sweetness and inspiration

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