Fear and 2021 decisions

Can you relate? I was scared to set my goals for this year. It was actually funny because I didn’t know I was scared. The initial plan was to set my goals during the last week of 2020 so I’d just crossover super ready for the new year. Kept procrastinating and lying to myself that I was busy. I was torn in-between fear and my 2021 decisions.

I didn’t set those goals during the last week of 2020. Instead, I crossed over without setting them. Another excuse was that I already had them in my head and I just needed time to make them more specific.

2020 looked like a promising year. I had my goals simply set, ready to achieve at least 70%. I was so sure. We all know how that turned out 😂. For one, I was supposed to graduate last year, but that’s a story for another day. Let’s not act like it was only the COVID’19 pandemic. 2020 came with lots of heartbreaking events; sickness, death, protests, strike, insurgencies, recession and so on. I sat to ask myself why.

Well, I wouldn’t lie, 2021 looked uncertain. In my prayers, I’d say, “God, I don’t know what 2021 will bring, but let your will be done“. Good prayer point, but we all know that was fear speaking. One of the prayer leaders said we shouldn’t pray out of fear, but deliberately speak goodness into our year. I rebuked the fear and started praying better.

Setting the goal

It wasn’t in any way easy because fear didn’t let me. I kept on dragging myself; I was tempted to decide to “take the year as it comes”.

4days after crossing over to the new year, I finally set my goals. I opened my 2020 journal and went through the previous goals. It was at that moment that I realized that I had achieved one or two🙂. A tiny bit of hope warmed my heart. I literally copied and pasted my 2020 goals and added some new ones, but I felt a burden lift off me when I finished setting my goals and writing my modus operandi.

Fear is a burden

Do we really believe that God has an expected end for us? Or do we just quote Jeremiah 29:11 to fulfill all righteousness?

“For I know the plans I have towards you. Plans of good and not of evil, to bring you to an expected end (to give you a future and a hope).”… Jer 29:11.

Let this scripture ring in our hearts. God’s plans are of good! Tell that to the uncertainty and insecurity lurking around in your mind. Don’t be torn in-between fear and your 2021 decisions. You need to overcome that fear!

“We fear because we imagine the negative”

How about we begin to think about the positive; we begin to think about this “expected end which is of good” that God has planned for us? We can do this by renewing our minds with the word of God daily, so that we will “know” God’s perfect will for us (Rom 12:2); so that we would clearly hear when He says “This is the way; walk ye in it”.

2021 is a great year for me. I don’t know about you. Have a splendid year!

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24 thoughts on “Fear and 2021 decisions”

  1. Thank God I’m the first this year to comment😂

    I tap into the grace to specify my goals in Jesus’ name! Cuz really I have set my goals already but I haven’t specified the strategies.

    Thank you!

  2. Thank you Iyun for this wonderful piece. Actually I will say it is soul lifting because I’m in that boat of fear right now even though I can boldly say I achieved all my goals for 2020 but I don’t know where the fear is coming from in 2021 but with this article I can face my fear now and go ahead with setting my goals. Thank you once again.

    1. You’re welcome😊

      Funny how you realize that fear is powerful, but yet, powerless.
      Because when you get past that fear, you’d really see how powerless it was and realize that it was all in the mind.

  3. Okafor Isabella Chizoba

    This is amazing and powerful my sister , keep on representing, you must get to that height God prepared for you…..

  4. Really beautiful piece… You are an inspiration… Keep doing you… I actually faced my fears a bit last year, although I didn’t set goals as big as 2020, but with this one now I will aim higher now…

  5. Onuora Stephen Obinna

    Wow. This has encouraged me to finally sit and be deliberate about my goals this year. Thank you for this. 2021 will be wonderful

  6. This is Good💯💥. Especially the thinking about the expected end… by renewing our minds with the word. Ultimately, it’s the Word of faith-God’s word, that can really cast out fear. There’s nothing to indicate a better 2021 from the news, and we know wishful thinking can’t cut it. If we have the Word as our baseline and foundation, we can boldly make those goals and even make them from HIS blueprint for our lives which He has revealed via His word, making them all the more valid!👌👌. Lolll, didn’t plan to make a mini blog post🤭😄, this is just to show I was positively inspired by your write-up. Thanks Chisom! God bless you!

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