Forget how to quit

There are times I get so choked up (In fact, I am choked up at the moment), that I just feel like giving up. Like, “Who send me?” and it feels like I’ve reached my limit and holding on isn’t really worth it. Those times can be really trying and energy-sucking, but isn’t that an indication that you’re on your way to success?
I saw a quote somewhere and it said; “The difference between success and failure is that you begin to fail when you start quitting”, which is entirely true.
We all face hard, trying times, but let’s forget how to quit, let’s block the road to failure.
Or you’re standing out of some crowd and your decision seems to be insane and without worth, keep moving! You wouldn’t face those challenges if you aren’t surging towards greatness.
Can we all agree today to forget how to quit?
Identify all your challenges and refuse to quit.
Have a nice week ahead.

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