Give Him your Drink

Have you ever been so thirsty, like soooo thirsty, and you need something to drink? That was the case with this Samaritan woman in John 4(the main ref is verse 7). She had drinksssss, name it! Champagne, Vodka, Whiskey and the likes. For those of us that are quick to judge, she had nonalcoholic drinks too. C’mon, there was Coke, Fanta, Spirite……. As for all those that are watching their weight, she’s been there too. She had green tea, Flat tummy tea, iced tea, coffee, name it!
She had gone through this deserted side of life, drank everything she had. We all think this woman only had the bad drinks, had bad experiences and went through bad stuff. No! She had the good drinks too, she had good experiences too. Unfortunately, she wasn’t still satisfied! The more she drank, the thirstier she was. Funny though! She spent her life buying and drinking, buying and drinking, and the process continued. Yet, no satisfaction!
Well, it seemed like she realized she didn’t have water. Water! Yes, that was it, water! She didn’t wait a minute! Ancestor Jacob built a well for them. A well that never dried up. A well of “refreshing” water.
“Ahhh” she exclaimed. “At last!”
On getting there, she met a man, this man! She smiled.
“Oh! What am I doing???” She asked herself
“I’ve already being with six men. I mean, what good can come out of him?”
Introduction: “Give me a drink.”
What? Can you imagine? No ‘good morning’. No ‘how are you doing’. No ‘can I help you with the water?’
Well, not like she minded though. She didn’t want anyone sympathizing with her.
But a drink?
Look at him. He looked like he came from rich parents. White clothes, fresh skin, fluent speech. His eyes looked so pure. He looked like an intelligent kid that would have made all As in school. All he knew was study, study, study, never partied. What kind of drink would she give him now?
She scratched her head. “Oga, the drink wey dey my bar, no be your type oo”
“I mean” she shrugged, “the Samaritans and Jews don’t drink same stuff!”
Well, we know the rest of the story! He had the ever refreshing water she was looking for. She couldn’t get that at Jacob’s well. Jacob’s well- the “assumed” refreshing water. He was the only one that could give her the living water that would get her satisfied. But on the contrary, he asked for a drink. Quaint!
She felt unworthy. What would she have given Jesus from her unfortunate life?
But that’s what he wanted. He wants us to come to Him the way we are. He didn’t meet the Samaritan woman cos he saw a bit of good and righteousness, but because He loves her.
Now, I mentioned something about the woman having some good drinks, some good experiences. Jesus didn’t ask for a bad drink, He asked for a drink!
Now, lemme point out something, He could have given her the refreshing water just like that, it’s not like He needed her drink. But He couldn’t risk a mix. He wanted to get rid of all her drinks, so that her bar would be filled with His only.
2 Corinthians 5:17 says ‘old things are passed away’, it didn’t say ‘bad old things are passed away’. Jesus wanted her to surrender ALL her drinks so that after He gives her the refreshing water, she would depend on that only. If there was a mix, a time might come when she’d be thirsty and would take coke.
“After all, coke isn’t alcoholic” she’d say, thereby depending on something other than that water, which would definitely lead her to a different direction.
Jesus wants us to come to Him with everything we have, good and bad. He needs to get rid of them. He needs to give us the only drink we should depend on.
So you grew up in a Christian home. Drank from Jacob’s well, the assumed refreshing water. You haven’t gotten the real experience, you have to give up “that” knowledge you have about Christ, get the real experience YOURSELF, give Him your drinks, assume you don’t know nothing and let his drink take over
You’re looking for a job. You know all the procedures and the likes, you just know. Surrender the drink of your knowledge to Him and depend on His living and ever refreshing water.
Jesus isn’t looking for the righteous. Infact, your righteousness isn’t even attracting Him. He’s coming to you because He loves you. Don’t feel unworthy. Pour out your self to Him. Surrender your life, your drink to Him
Give Him that drink!
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