How to prepare Chinese Macaroni

Well, this is a dish I decided to try at home while I was bored and the outcome was superb. I called it ‘Chinese Macaroni’ because some part of the recipe was gotten from Chinese fried rice. This one just hits on a whole different level. I made this blog post on request from many, after seeing the photos of my Chinese Macaroni. So, enjoy the read, try it out and give me feedback 

Green peas
Vegetable oil
Pepper (Red and green)
Minced meat
Blended ginger and garlic
Seasoning cubes
Black pepper
Curry and thyme
Soy sauce
Scent leave

1. Cook the Macaroni
Put some water to boil, depending on the account of Macaroni you’re cooking. When the water boils, add a little salt and pour the raw Macaroni inside, with the scent leave (already chopped). The scent leave is optional. Putting it to boil with the Macaroni allows the extraction of seasoning and flavouring from the leave.

2. Fry the veggies
The chopped carrots and green peas should have been softened by boiling shortly in water. If you buy canned carrots and peas, there’s no need to boil them.
Put a little oil inside your pot, then add your already chopped onions to fry. Add the carrots and peas, tomatoes, peppers and minced meat respectively. Season with ginger, garlic, salt, curry, thyme, seasoning cubes and black pepper to taste. Black pepper is optional, but it also adds a different kind of seasoning and flavouring. Cover the pot and allow to simmer

3. Mixing
As soon as the Macaroni gets soft enough to eat, drain the water with a sieve and ensure the water is completely drained. Pour the fried sauce into the Macaroni and mix with a spatula.
Yoke and season the eggs, then fry scrambled. Add the scrambled eggs to the mixed Macaroni and add a tablespoon of soy sauce to taste. Allow to simmer for 2 minutes

4. Ready to serve
Relish your Chinese Macaroni as soon as it’s off your cooker. The dish is better served while hot.

Thank you for reading. I hope you’ll enjoy it when you try it out
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