I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK: A short story (My own version)

Gracey sat on her wheelchair, in front of the black and white television. Neil said he wasn’t ready to get a coloured one yet. She was smiling so hard she didn’t know when a tear dropped to her cheeks. That was her dream! She remembered meeting Neil at an astronomy conference during their college days at Harvard. They bumped into each other after the conference while she was waiting for her friend; the second of the only two girls at the department. He thought she was a volunteer as he didn’t think any lady would have any interest in astronomy, especially at the time they were living in, which placed limits to a ladys career and was surprised when she said she was there for the conference. They became very close friends with loads of ambitions to achieve. They got married in 1958 and both worked in NASA as naval aviators. The massive tragedy happened in 1965 when Gracey broke her legs and was bound to a wheelchair. She remembered the pain that accompanied the incident. Not pain from her legs, but pain from the facts that she had to sit and watch her dreams crush. She pleaded with Neil to pull out from NASA. They could get a safer job somewhere; she didn’t want to lose him too. Neil refused to pull out. His driving force was the pain that came with seeing his wife on a wheelchair. Her dream to be the first human to walk on the moon became Neil’s dream. Seeing Neil in the TV made her cry; not tears out of jealousy, but tears of joy. Her husband finally achieved his dream, which was also her dream. She was on a wheelchair, yes, but she was grateful to God for the success and whispered a silent prayer to God to bring him safe home.
Gracey was asleep when Neil arrived home. He didnt want to wake her, so he tip-toed around the house because she was a light sleeper.
“I didnt know when you got back”
“I didnt want to wake you”. He turned around the bed and kissed her forehead.
“We did it, huh?” Gracey said, smiling
“You did it”. Neil pointed at the tip of her nose
Gracey chuckled, “I wasnt the one who went to moon”
“I did it for you”
“Im glad you’re safe”
“You need to go back to sleep”. Neil tucked her in bed.
Gracey slept that night feeling so happy. Their success only indicated one thing; God had greater plans for the two of them. Its the moon today, who knows what it would be tomorrow. She whispered a thank you Jesus and closed her eyes.

Neil was already dressed up when Gracey woke up.
“You just came back from space and youre already rushing to work!!”
“Same thing I told them, but they insisted I come to work. I’m all wanted and needed now”. Neil winked
“Oh pleeeaassee” She rolled her eyes. “Tell them to give you a break”
“Will definitely do that when I get to work”. Neil adjusted his tie
“I had a dream you went back to space”
Neil paused to look at her; puzzled.
“Only this time it wasn’t to the moon”
“It was where then? Pluto” Neil raised his right eyebrow.
Gracey chuckled. “Nope. I dreamt you went to the sun. Isn’t that awesome?!”
“The SUN??!! No baby, that’s never gonna happen.”
“Well, I feel you should consider it. Nothings impossible, remember? I mean, we’re all space people, we could figure out what you need to survive around the sun. Isn’t that what we did for the moon? You know, you would just be known to be a man who breaks boundaries.”
Neil covered his face with his hands and exhaled. “Are you kidding right now? The sun?! Nah babe, this aint it. Go back to sleep”
Gracey laughed. “You’ll thank me one day for the idea.”

Thanks for reading.
So we might ask ourselves, did Neil listen to his wife? Did he go to the sun.
There might be a sequel (I’ll think about it); only this one might just be named To the Sun

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