Light and Life 1

Day 1

Our misconception about flaws is what makes us have self esteem issues. What people are used to is to complain about their flaws, reject them and try to be someone else all together.
What we forget is that those flaws are part of what makes us who we are. Rejecting them means rejecting yourself.
What happened to being “fearfully and wonderfully” made. Do we feel we were lied to?
No dear, we were not. If God wants us to be different from who we are now, He would have made us differently.
The truth is, what you consider a flaw, may be what someone else desires. Don’t change who you are for anyone.

What to do?
Am I saying that we should hoard bad characters and habits? No!
Yield yourself to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to work through you, washing you and purging you of all the things that are not like Him. If you decide to change yourself, you might act against the will of God.

Accept your flaws
Accept who you are. You might not be like that person you admire, but you might just begin to admire yourself when you accept who you are.
Yield to the Spirit.

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