Light and Life 13

Day 13

Sometimes, we can get too physical and begin to base our judgements only on the things we experience physically. If we want to look so much at physical things, then our judgements may as well be that the death of Jesus Christ was an example of a failure. But we are living thousands of years after His death and we’re experiencing the consequences and benefits of His death. The magnitude of victory is still speaking for us, alongside His name, even up till today. You can’t let physical situations determine whether you’re successful or not.
Of course, the Jews thought Jesus had failed, and even the news of His resurrection might have just sounded like mockery amongst them. Some of them still believe Jesus failed. But what matters exactly? Was Jesus’ death a victory? Does His name pave way for us today?
Answer these questions and you’ll know victories aren’t only physical. Be spiritually sensitive and grasp at every opportunity of victory. Don’t use your mouth to cancel your victory because you saw otherwise in the physical.

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