Light and Life 14

Day 14

Sometimes, what we label as failure isn’t failure. You might desire a particular outcome or result and you don’t get as expected or desired. You might set certain goals you want to achieve within a particular timeframe and you don’t hit that goal at the expected time. It doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Sometimes, we need to give ourselves room for mistakes so we can learn better instead of eat ourselves up. When you don’t give room for mistakes, you’ll begin to point fingers of criticism and defeat at yourself, begin to put blames on yourself, instead of seeing that occurrence as an opportunity to try again and do better.
I’m not implying that we don’t put in our best in everything we do. Infact, that’s the best way to live; putting your best in the littlest task you carry out. But what happens when your outcomes aren’t the best? Instead of eat yourself up, look for the possible areas you went wrong and take lessons, so you can be better.
Secondly, we should always learn to be grateful for opportunities that come our way. That thing you’ve labelled “failure” is what someone else is struggling to get. Sometimes, when I come across people with near-to-excellent grades or results, and I meet them complaining about how “their result wasn’t good”, I get extremely pissed off. Fine, you didn’t get as expected, but it’s very much better to be grateful for your score, learn from your mistakes and aspire to get excellent grades next time, than to start lamenting about how the result wasn’t good. Pause and think about what you just said. Some people have been struggling to even get beyond average. Be grateful even for little successes and you’ll be able to recognize greater ones when they come your way.
Tell yourself the truth; sometimes, what you call failure isn’t failure.

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