Light and Life 15

Day 15

I was having a conversation with a friend some days ago and he told he wanted to start mountain climbing when he is older and has a lot more time in his hands. Mountain climbing isn’t easy of course, but he made a statement that really struck me. He said; “When I climb to the middle and get tired and feel like giving up, by the time I look down and see the distance behind me, I’ll just have to finish climbing”. Looking behind you will make you see how far you’ve come and know you can’t just drop out and waste all that energy. That’s why it’s also good to plan, so when you’re at the stage of failure or weariness and you’re about to give up, you’ll be able to look at how far your plans have unfolded and know you shouldn’t waste all that energy.
Of course, if it’s an unfruitful process, an abusive marriage or hurtful situation, I’m not saying you should endanger yourself. Calculate the risk; if it’s something you can’t do, then you abort.
But don’t give up based on feelings or tiredness. There may even be times the process might seem unfruitful, but you need to discern and know the way forward, instead of giving up.
However, giving up shouldn’t be an option. We need to learn to fight every temptation of accepting defeat.
Press on. It might be in school; that course or that friendship, that soul or that project; that situation or that business.
Let this be in your mind; you didn’t come this far to give up.

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