Light and Life 16

Day 16

This is for someone who carelessly says wrong words to themselves. There was a time in my life when I spoke so negatively about and to myself. That was a very bad and depressing moment of my life because my heart not only listened, it heeded to what I was saying. After a while, I started showing those negative things. The heart listens. That is why it’s always necessary to declare positive, encouraging and godly words to yourself.
Now this is also for the realists; I know you’re trying to be real, trying to “see things as they are”, but just know that you’ve robbed yourself of the ability to do that thing you think you can’t do. You tell yourself, “I can’t do it”, not that you’re trying to discourage yourself, but you’re just innocently being real, you’ve robbed yourself of any chance that you might actually be able to do it.
Once you envision your result, speak that result and process to yourself, make your heart see that it can actually achieve that set goal. When you do this, a tough situation during this process wouldn’t make you suddenly burst out negative words to yourself.
Have you seen people that their own words destroyed? Have you seen people that their optimism lifted?
Who do you want to be? Speak it, live it; your heart listens.

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