Light and Life 17

Day 17

Typing this today was like, “Okay Chisom, this is for you”.
There are lots of messages out there encouraging and motivating us to “be whoever we want to be” or “do whatever we want to do”, to the point that these days people think its automatic to just “get there”. They are not ready to face all the struggles entailed to “getting there”. Getting there isn’t luxury; it isn’t a bed of roses, but the good thing is, whatever the struggle, you can do it; not just on your sit! You can do it, you can always do it. You have the capability.

Have you ever tried to reach a high rope while sitting? What was the outcome?
Sitting restricts you from getting there. Sitting make you want everything smooth without allowing you expect the rough. The good thing about expecting the rough is that it helps you look for ways to maneuver that rough situation.
Think about trying to reach a high rope while standing. If you’re not tall enough, you would stretch your legs, or look for a stool, a stepping ladder, or anything that would make you tall enough to reach that rope.

Success isn’t automatic. You have to stand; stand to make a decision, stand to plan out that decision and stand to see that those plans unfold.
Dreams don’t come through when you don’t do something.
It’s time to stop sitting; it’s time to stand!

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