Light and Life 19

Day 19

Asides the fact that a lot motivating messages don’t tell us that we need to work hard; that success doesn’t come automatically, another thing we don’t hear most times is that you might not hit it. These messages seem like once you put two and two together, you will get it. The truth is, everyone makes their own peculiar mistakes.
I was speaking to someone recently about something I planned to do and I told her I was already discouraged. I gave her my “solid” reasons for being discouraged and she told me to not be. My discussion with her really encouraged me. She told me, people always think everything will always be smooth and they don’t expect the rough beginnings and bus stops.
If you hear stories of people that have achieved one thing or the other, they had a rough start. I keep wondering how Thomas Edison kept deciding to try again for over 90 times before he could finally invent the light bulb.
One thing that would help you to always press on and continue is when you understand that you are not perfect and are capable of making mistakes. We might really want to look at these people up there like they have perfect lives, but they don’t. They all had their struggles. Don’t eat yourself up. Accept your flaws and develop yourself to learn from everyday and be better than you were yesterday.

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