Light and Life 2

Day 2
Have you ever wondered why you have problems accepting people around you? Like, you’d just figure out you resent some particular people without them offending you.
There’s this nice girl around you that is freely living her life, loving herself the way she should and doesn’t seem to have an esteem issue, but you suddenly have a problem with her.
“She acts proud”
You need to check yourself.
Or you know this guy who is humble and doesn’t seem to have much, but is satisfied with whatever he has, and you also have a problem with him.
“He acts like he’s the only one that can be upright”
Sis/Bro, check yourself.
You might just discover that those are the same things you’re struggling with and seeing other people find rest challenges and upsets you.
You can be challenged, yes; to be a better person, but it should never upset you.

If we come across people that are socially unaccepting, let’s us not just push them away. Sometimes, what they need is love. If you’ve seen the movie, “Isn’t it romantic”, it’s about the same thing that happened there. This girl grew up with her mother telling her that love and happy endings are only seen in movies. She grew up with that mentality until she was exposed to an atmosphere of love and she figured she didn’t love herself in the first place. The “happy ending” in that movie was the fact that she learnt to love herself, which opened her up to receive love from others.

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