Light and Life 20

Day 20

This is something many of us know, but as the days pass, we find one excuse to justify ourselves. We live in a world where there’s always something to attribute our failure or incapability. Have you pursed to think that you might be the cause of that hindrance?
That business that is taking you forever to start because of the many excuses you give yourself daily. “I’m not sure I can pull off this one”, “I don’t have enough capital”, “Other people seem better than me”, “It doesn’t look like it will work out”, and it would just be a circle of excuses. Or that talent and skill that has been lying dormant in your life all because you felt incapable after comparing yourself with others.
We’re always too quick to point fingers at something, whether school or government, exposure, economy and all, but we fail to look within and handle ways that we’ve been hindering ourselves from doing what we’re supposed to do.
Check within, what are your hindrances? Are you contributing to them?
Make a decision to put a stop and move forward today.

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