Light and Life 21

Day 21
Your perspective affects your response. If you’re someone that feels under attack, you’ll always want to fight everyone. If you’re battling with low self esteem, every little action from others will make you think “they don’t like you”. If you’re someone that thinks good things always come the hard way, you’ll question or even discard the good things that come easily. If you’re someone that thinks too highly of yourself, you’ll be prone to look down or take advantage of people around you. If you’re someone that always sees the bad in people, you’ll have trust issues.

Words are very powerful, but we shouldn’t boycott the fact that it starts from within. You might want to say, “As long as I didn’t say it, it’s fine”. I heard someone that said, “If you want to change your life, change your perspective”. You can’t keep thinking people from your family background are poor or average and expect to suddenly become rich.
Some people are also hell bent on their perspective. Sometimes, we have to learn to see things the other way. You know, question some things in our lives.

The moment we understand how powerful our perspectives are, we would discard a lot of mindsets we have.

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