Light and Life 22

Day 22
Have you ever lost so much blood before? How did it feel like?
Or have you had low blood pressure, in dire of food that you’re so weak? You’ll literally feel life sipping out of you. That’s exactly how it feels like when you surround yourself with negativity.I frequently thank God for love and growth in my life. I always give the testimony of how I once surrounded myself with so much negativity. I always looked at the negative aspect of things and spoke negatively to myself. That period of my life was draining. I felt so meaningless. I thank God for His saving grace and His Spirit that showed me a greater side of life and made me become more positive and appreciative.
Negativity does you no good. It only just gives you reasons not to be thankful, thereby stealing testimonies and thanksgivings from your mouth.If you’re someone that has surrounded yourself with negativity, you need to embrace God, let His Spirit show you a brighter side of life. With God, you’ll never feel meaningless. You will have purpose and satisfaction. Instead of pointing and condemning the bad side of life, you’ll look for ways to make life around you better, through the help of the HolySpirit.

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