Light and Life 23

Day 23
We know how influential our mindset can be to our lives. Some of us have gotten to a point where we’re bound to certain mindsets that it becomes a hindrance to attain certain things.
We shouldn’t get to the point where our mindset begins to control our every activity. Mindset is a way of thinking that is sometimes born out of habit or environmental influence. It is something that can be changed and controlled.
Take charge of your life and control the gear. Whenever you discover that a particular mindset has become a hindrance to your progress, you should change it. Don’t let that mindset begin to control your life and progress.
The annoying thing about mindsets like this is that you might not even know you’ve observed and harboured that kind of mindset till it begins to manifest. It might not be a bad mindset, some might be neutral or indifferent, but as long as it’s not helping you and it’s not only unproductive, but a hindrance to your progress, it’s something you can work on, instead of just sitting it out to begin to struggle with the chains we bound ourselves with.

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