Light and Life 26

Day 26
We’re fond of using the third servant in the Bible, who decided to bury the talent his master gave him as an example when we’re having teachings based on this topic. Nobody wants to be like that third servant who will bury or hide his talent. We want to be people who are vocal about our talents so we don’t become like the third servant who “buried” his talent.
This master was pleased with the first two servants; why? Did they decide to just be “vocal” about their talents? No. The one with 5, brought 5 more, while the other one with 2 brought 2 more.
They “brought” in more talents for the master. It’s not just about being vocal and letting people know about what you can do; it’s more about how that talent can touch more lives.
If you’re not touching lives and bringing more talents into the sheepfold, then your talent is being kept to yourself and you’re no different from that third servant that buried his talent.
Give out.
Let your life flow out to touch others.
What of those who are still procrastinating? You’re still keep your talent to yourself. The moment you understand the mandate that had been committed to your hand, you’ll stop waiting for “a right time”. These servants didn’t choose a time for the master to give them talents, the master gave them when he decided to. If God has already blessed you with talents, then you’re already overdue for a right time.
Give out!
In it lies true satisfaction.
[Matt 25: 14-30]

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