Light and Life 27

Day 27
The perfect example of love and purpose has to do with a “laying down”. The problem these days is that we want to love without sacrifice or love when it’s sacrificially convenient. But perfect love has shown us that we can’t love without sacrifice. Purpose is also mostly about the people around you. You can’t say; “My purpose in life is to help myself become a better person?” What then? What happens when you become that “person”? It’s a different thing if you’re concerned about building people, at least you know you’re replicating yourself and it wouldn’t just stop there, these people will be challenged to build others.

Are you a covered jar? Waiting for when it is convenient before you can open your covers, or judging to determine who you will open up to or not.

Are you a living stream? Whose source (love) is natural and doesn’t decide to shut itself up, but opens up it’s glory for people to see and have an experience and get refreshed.

Most times, it is selfishness that makes us want to cover up, keep ourselves to ourselves and refuse to touch lives. But being in Jesus means that selfishness has to go. You might not necessarily die for people like Jesus did. I mean, there’s no need for that anymore, but you should have the mind to “give out” and touch lives. Discover your purpose, gifts and talents and decide to be a living stream

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