Light and Life 28

Day 28
I spent a greater part of my life telling myself that people didn’t really care about what I had to offer and that I might not be as good as I think I am. I wrote a lot because I was easily inspired by the things around me, but that didn’t go so far because I mostly got rid of what I wrote. Like, “Nah, this one’s not good” and the cycle continued on and on.
I remember when I decided to wake up from my mediocre and annoying habit. I wrote an article for my fellowship sometime back, so, I was arranging my books and happened to stumble upon this particular article I had written a long time ago, and I was like, “Chisom, did you really write this?” The message was so overwhelming and I wondered how God could really use a man.
It dawned on me!
It dawned on me that all this while, I had been selfish, thinking about myself and how I was never able to please myself due to the image I had already built in my head. I realised it was about God and how much He wants to make good use of the talent He had given me. I mean, why did He put it there if He can’t use it?
These days, I don’t bother much. I pray for God to keep using me and try as much as possible to look past people’s approval, so on the days I don’t get the approval I want, I would be assured that someone out there is getting silently touched.
The silent days shouldn’t make you quit. It shouldn’t make you stop doing what God wants you to do.
The truth is, whether we accept it or not, people actually need what we have on the inside. Don’t be selfish, open up!

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