Light and Life 30

Day 30
What is so much in vogue now is the fact that people like to complain and criticize a lot of things without even thinking about what they say. The perfect illustration is a big fan in a closed room blowing many pieces of paper. The present day people are the pieces of paper that are blown in any direction the air goes. People allow criticisms to push them to different sides of opinions without thinking much about it.
One thing that has made life better is an environment where people want to give out. Being in an environment where people give out doesn’t make you loose much because a lot of resources, gifts and talents will circulate, comparing it to an environment where people are more particular about receiving. There would be nothing to circulate, because no one is giving; everyone is expecting to get something.
That is exactly how it is when people become too quick to criticize. If we channel our attitude to how much of change or good we can add to our environment, a lot of things would turn out better, instead of criticizing every move and sitting; expecting things to automatically be better.
What exactly can you add to the lives around you? Or are just there to poke at the wrongs in people’s lives and let criticisms push you around different opinions?

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