Light and Life 31

Day 31
It’s really impossible to the see a wet ground and think or get confused that it’s dry. Like, it will be evident enough that the ground is wet. That’s exactly how it is with life. You can’t open a coffin and begin to argue with a friend that the human inside is alive or dead.
You can’t really be confused about whether you’re living your life or not. It would be evident if you are or not. You might not just want to agree with either sides, but the side you’re on would be undisputably obvious.
This last day is for me to tell you to get past your confusions and begin to get real with yourself. Find out what sphere in life you’re capable of reaching out to and begin to intentionally live your life with a purpose and shine your light. The act of shinning your light is something that is undisputable. You either shine or you don’t. People wouldn’t begin to question whether you’re shinning or not.
Hey, at this stage in life, people are more concerned about the fragrance you spread; what you have to offer.
Let your life speak. Let your life shine.

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