Light and Life 5

Day 5

Two different people might say, “I can do it”, but what you understand from that simple statement from the first person is “I know I can do it” and from the second person is, “I’m not really sure I have such capacity, but I’m just trying to be positive, so hopefully, I should be able to do it”.
What exactly is the difference between these two people?
Confidence differentiates you and makes you stand out from others.
If you’re a fashion designer, web designer, artist, or Baker, what will make people look at your work differently is your touch of confidence.
As a Christian, what would make you stand firm against the devices of the enemy is your confidence in God.
Someone can say, “Get behind me, Satan!” and he knows Satan doesn’t stand a chance. Another person would say that, shivering, because he doesn’t even have confidence that God would deliver him.
Do you believe in yourself? Have you accepted yourself despite your flaws? Cos that’s that’s the only way you can be confident of who you are.

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