Light and Life 6

Day 6

Many people have the mindset that they’re supposed to fit somewhere; in a place and amongst people. This is the reason why people begin to feel inferior and out of place when they don’t seem to fit in a particular clique of friends or a simple gathering.
I want us to understand something; “you’re not part of a puzzle”. You’re not made to fit, you’re made to be you; to stand out. Everyone was made to be beautifully unique and for a definite purpose. You come into life with the ability to create your way.
So, incase you find yourself in a group where you don’t seem to fit; you probably don’t like what they like, act like they act or talk the way they talk, don’t let that make you feel less of yourself.
You are permitted to create your own way!

There’s a beauty in being different 💪🏼

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