Light and Life 8

I discovered sometime ago that I was a bag of ideas. Not to brag, but most of my ideas were always mint.
As good as they were, I had a problem. “How would people see it?” “What would they say?” “Is it really as good as I think it is?” “Of what importance is it exactly?” “What if I think they’re good and I end up embarrassed?” “Chisom, look at the present day world, people don’t really care about this anymore”.
The thought of validations from people killed all my ideas before they even got out. Sad!
It’s still a battle I’m fighting recently, but I thank God I’ve grown. Many people who are very close to me have heard me say I’m “anti-societal”. I’ve outgrown letting society decide the things I should do and not. I’ve outgrown letting societal standard control which activity or idea is of more or less importance.
When I boldly tell people my hobbies, I see in their eyes that they’ve labelled me as unserious, cos they might have identified some “irrelevant” things. I’m sorry bro/sis, but I decide what is relevant or irrelevant in my life. It’s “my life”, “my way” remember?
Nobody gave you your life, hence, they don’t need credits that aren’t due to be received. Don’t let them standardize your life.
It’s your life. Make your own way

Selah, people selah💪🏼 . . . .

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