Light and Life 9

Standing out isn’t done by doing the same thing as others, just the same way a red flower wouldn’t stand out amongst other red flowers unless it were a different colour. People these days like following the trend, letting it push them from one place to the other. Some of us don’t even agree with the trend, but are just following it because that’s what everyone is doing.
You need to know who you are and what makes you you, unique! It’s your uniqueness that makes you stand out.
Now, some of us use the excuse of “not following the trend and doing what everyone is doing” to be lazy and mediocre. We would rather just sit and “let life happen”. You’re a light that must shine! If there’s a potential beautiful white flower amongst red flowers and that white flower has refused to blossom, how would we know it would be beautiful and different from the rest? You need to get up and decide to be different, decide to shine.

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